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Thursday, August 23, 2012

10 Worst Rated New Cars to Own and Insure

It's sad this applies to almost all advertisements now!

Anyone who's ever seen a big mac on the McDonald's advertisements knows that is not what you get when you order the sandwich at the restaurant. Nearly all advertisements employ this tactic, including the automotive industry. With the increased production and reduced quality of vehicles today, you wouldn't know the shortcomings of most vehicles by their commercials. These ads all post how well the vehicle does in their own "inspections" and "tests", but they are rarely compared to other vehicles. These companies also advertise mostly on the volume of sales, instead of the quality of the autos.

Below is a list of the 10 vehicles that are built the worst, and their quality is not reflected by the price you have to pay on several of these big-name brands. I implore you to skim over this list before you start auto shopping, as you may be paying more on your car insurance because you couldn't avoid an accident or your vehicle totaled itself out in your skirmish with the ditch during a rainstorm.

10. Toyota FJ Cruiser
Hope the blind spots don't put a
nasty spot on your car insurance!
This vehicle starts the list because of its rankings from Consumer Reports road tests, which conclude it has some of the worst blind spots, along with bad marks on riding, fuel economy, vehicle handling, and accessibility.

9.Smart ForTwo
While this vehicle was rated the best at parking it basically anywhere, and they loved how tight the steering is, it has several glaring weaknesses that put it on this list. Namely the awful acceleration, poor transmission, bad ride and horrible handling. It may seem like a great thing that it has amazing fuel economy, but that is moderately offset by it requiring premium fuel. Not very smart for a smart car if you ask me.

8.Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
Great off road, bad on road
This vehicle is designed for off road, and it does that job very well. The drawback to not living in an area that requires constant off road travel will be a rough ride and bad handling on the pavement. This vehicle's worst statistic is it's comfort and convenience for that very reason, and its a small price to pay if you need a sturdy box that can handle the toughest road conditions. As long as it isn't a paved road.

7.Jeep Liberty
You got big shoes to fill, Liberty...
For a vehicle that was supposed to be the successor to the Jeep Cherokee, this vehicle isn't up to snuff. This vehicle ranked at the bottom of its class in fuel economy, but was the number one in horsepower. People with big feet beware, one of the main complaints was that the foot wells were too narrow. Among other peeves on the car was it's braking, handling, and uncomfortable front seat.

6.Jeep Compass
Not the worst, but not good
As with most vehicles in the "bad, but not horrible" range of consumer reviews, this vehicle has most of the same problems that its peers possess: bad engine noise, braking, handling, rear visibility, and driving position. Strangely it also has lackluster front seat comfort, which is strange considering of all the seats that should have comfort, you'd think that the front seat would be the most comfortable...Maybe they just don't want you to fall asleep at the wheel, or get a slipped disc, there's really no telling with car companies now.

5.Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel
This is the big jock of the car world
It's getting to be a hard life for the heavy-duty pick up trucks, which have a bad rap for being the most problematic vehicles on the road today. This truck is unfortunately a member of that club, despite having great towing and payload abilities. This is probably attributed because of the vehicle's low scores in ride, handling, transmission, reliability, and cost. One of the more unique complaints I heard of this vehicle is its height, and I can only imagine some smaller framed person having to leap into this vehicle to step in to it effectively.

4.Dodge Avenger
Poor Avenger, always beat by big bro
This more affordable option to getting a Charger may not be worth the savings. There are several issues with this mid-size sedan, including its engine noise, acceleration, braking, transmission, fuel economy, and rear visibility. This car has very poor fuel economy, ranking lowest in its class, but it is top 9 in horsepower. With great power, comes great deficiencies in most all other facets of your abilities seems to be the mantra of this second-banana to the other muscle cars that have come out this year.

3.GMC Yukon
Are you good if you're the 3rd worst?
This vehicle has almost the same specs as the Cadillac Escalade, so it is very similar in pros and cons. However, it is improved upon the Cadillac model by having superior fuel economy, while maintaining 9 passenger seating and up to 9,600 pounds of towing power. This vehicle's position being in the top 3 of the worst built new cars of 2012 is not good, but it's not the worst of the new range of vehicles that hit dealerships around the nation.

2.Chevrolet Colorado
Nothing says "heavy duty"
like a 5-cylinder...
Despite being one of the most affordable entry level trucks on the market, the Colorado suffers from a myriad of shortcomings. Even the extended cab is more compact than its competition. Even though this is a supposed, "heavy duty" truck, the smaller 3.7-liter 5 cylinder engine is nowhere near as powerful as a V6. There are a number of nuisances as well that customers have complained about, namely the acceleration(from the smaller engine) braking and accident avoidance, which isn't a good recipe for your car insurance. There's also an issue with the quality of the ride and unsettling engine noise that makes you want to reconsider owning one of these vehicles.

1.Cadillac Escalade
Famous people may like it,
but they're rich!
While this vehicle may be one of the most well-known and popular SUV amongst the rap moguls and movie stars, word of mouth can only go so far. While it may have awesome horsepower and size, this beast of a vehicle has some of the worst braking and the second-to-last in fuel economy. It also has poor handling and tanked its crash avoidance tests. This pricey SUV makes a statement, but there are more practical options if you don't need the size and power this vehicle provides.

All of these vehicles may sound or look good from their advertisements and "personal testing" they have done. With most things now we are seeing that peer reviews and comparisons are becoming a more popular and less biased way to determine true vehicle value. Always do your research before you go out and buy that new vehicle because someone famous drives it or it has sold so many. It may be selling so many because it doesn't last very long. No matter how safe a vehicle may appear to be, make sure you keep auto insurance as it is required now in most states, and can save you a ton of money on repairs and liabilities.

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Leave a comment if you know of another badly built car that came out this year, or if you have had good experiences with the vehicles mentioned here!

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