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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 Easy Ways to Save Money Insuring Your Home

Everyone asks me what are some tips to save money insuring what most everyone has: a home. These 5 tips are very general, but you never know which one you may not have taken advantage of yet. We at Tberry's Insurance hope you can save some money on your home insurance, and we will give you a great quote for the Arkansas area!
Everyone needs home insurance, but you don't need to pay too much!

1.Combining your Insurance Policies
Most insurance companies sell multiple insurance categories simultaneously, and in most cases they will give you a discount for insuring multiple items. Generally you can save as much as 10 to 15 percent off your premium when you get two or more policies from the same insurer.
Always be sure, however, that your final combined price is not higher than getting two different policies with different companies. It always pays to shop around!

2.Keep up that Credit Score
Having a high credit score should already be on your list of important achievements in life. Another added benefit to having a high credit score is it may cut your insurance costs. More and more insurance companies are using your credit score to price your home insurance policies. In cases where your credit score will increase your insurance rates, you can always see and verify what they used to find your credit rating.
You should always be aware of your credit score, and there are many things you can and should already be doing to keep your score high. First, pay your bills on time! Next, keep your credit cards paid down so you're not accumulating high amounts of interest. These may seem like two obvious points, but they are critical in maintaining and raising your credit score.

3.Install Security Systems
Everything you install to protect your home can be something that may lower your policy. Some of the more obvious ones are smoke detectors, alarm systems, and multiple locking systems on your doors. Simply list these types of improvements when talking about a policy and see what the company will reduce from your policy. The benefits of these improvements are two-fold: Increased security and decreased payments!

4.Improve your Home's Resistance To Disaster
If your home is near a known disaster area (Tornado Alley, Sand Andreas Fault, etc...) Talk to your insurance agent on what ways you can improve your home's resistance to the elements. Upgrading an aged home's defenses with reinforcement for earthquakes or adding storm shutters to your windows for strong winds are all ways to save on your premiums.
Don't forget about your internal systems as well. You should consider your plumbing, electrical and gas systems and their condition to prevent water or fire damage to your home.

5. Raise your Deductible
This is one of the easiest ways to lower your payments, as the higher your deductible is, the lower your payments will be. People in more disaster-prone areas may not want to do this, but if you can afford the deductible with a "disaster fund" or something similar that you have saved to pay closer to $1,000 dollars, you will definitely save on your premiums. Check if your insurer provides different deductibles for different types of damage(like hailstorms or earthquake deductibles) to see if this method of lowering your policy premiums is right for you.

If you're an Arkansas resident and want to get a free home insurance quote to see how much you can save, call (479)-968-2633 today! Tberry's Insurance is a full-line Arkansas Insurance Provider. We cover home, auto and business insurances. Visit our site to see all the insurance we provide.

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