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Friday, June 8, 2012

5 Ways to Lower Your Motorhome Insurance

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An RV is your home away from home. Most mobile homes are pretty expensive, so you should definitely protect your investment from top to bottom. Your RV policy should not only protect your vehicle but your valuables and traveling companions as well. You can protect your mobile home and it's valuable cargo with RV insurance.

Just because the RV is expensive, doesn't mean the insurance policy has to be! Here are 5 ways you can keep your Motorhome insurance premium low or even lower your payments, and we hope you can take advantage of them.

  1. Keeping Your RV Safe
    Your RV is a prime target for vandals and thieves because people usually store items and accessories that are valuable. Things such as electronics and devices can be targeted, and because of this your insurance quotes can get very pricey.
    This is why protecting your motorhome is essential. Make sure you have effective security devices like an alarm system, a steering lock, and an immobilizing system.
    Your location can affect your premiums as well. Any place that is higher in crime will have higher premiums, and lower-risk areas of course get lower premiums. If you live in one of those high-risk areas consider storing your RV in a more rural area. It may lower your premium significantly.
  2. Stay on Top of Your Payments
    Your RV insurance can be lowered just by how you pay for it. Like other insurance policies you can raise your deductible to lower your premium payments. If you pay the entire year of insurance in one lump sum, you may reduce your costs as well, and avoid some costly interest. Ask your provider if paying in this method will net a rebate or other forms of compensation for paying up front.
  3. Practice Safe Driving
    In order to keep yourself and others safe on the road, you have to be comfortable with your motor home. You have to consider that your vehicle is large, so keep track of your blind spots and clearances to avoid property damage or a collision. Don't be afraid to step out of your vehicle and observe how much space you have. Your side mirrors are valuable assets to your road awareness, and they should be properly aligned to see your bottom tire and at least 25 feet behind your vehicle.
    Keep up with your vehicle's maintenance at every gasoline stop. Check tire pressure, your battery life, and anything you may be towing. Make sure everything is fastened securely and in good working order.
    When on the open road, try not to get congested in traffic. Like a semi-truck you take up a large portion of the road, and any vehicles moving around you can make you nervous. Keep proper following distance and respect other drivers' positions on the road.
  4. Join a Club
    Did you know you may be provided a discount if you're a member of an RV club? You have to speak with the company as the discount rates can vary greatly. Call your Motorhome Insurance provider to see if or how much you can save.
    You can also sign up for a driver safety course to get discounts with some RV insurances. Like with the club membership, you have to talk to your insurance provider to see if your education course will even give you a discount.
  5. Go for a Multiple-Policy Discount
    Most companies are happy with you choosing them to insure you. They get even happier if you decide to insure your home or other vehicles with them. So much more happy they will often give you a Multi-policy discount. As with the other methods to lowering your insurance premiums you need to check with your insurer before combining or getting a multi-policy insurance plan.

We hope that these tips help you get a cheaper policy, while also keeping you safe on the open road. If you don't yet have motorhome insurance and are in the Arkansas area, contact Tberry's Insurance and make sure your family and home will be safe and secure on your road trips. Call (479)-968-2633 today! Tberry's Insurance is a full-line Arkansas Insurance Provider. We cover home, auto and business insurances. Visit our site to see all the insurance we provide.

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