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Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to Have a Safe Grilling Season


The weather's getting warmer. Summer officially starts on Wednesday, June 20th. This means that more people are spending time outside, and families everywhere are firing up their grills. Whether you use gas, or charcoal, the grill can be a deadly device if not properly taken care of or maintained.

Every year gas grills start over 500 fires and injure many people. The carbon monoxide emitted by charcoal grills cause 400 injuries and 20 deaths, recorded by the Insurance Information Institute. These numbers are unfortunately on the rise, and without proper safety precautions that trend will continue to increase.

Most Arkansas home insurances and Arkansas Renter's Insurance will help you with fire damage. You want your insurance to be a safety net, not a resource you have to call upon to raise your premiums. To prevent tragic events and destroyed property, follow these simple(yet often overlooked) tips for grilling out with the family:

  1. Make sure a fire extinguisher is available in case of an uncontrollable fire. In the event of a grease-fire, baking soda will snuff the flames better than anything else.
  2. Be familiar with your grill. Find the owner's manual, study it(yawn) and make sure you are aware of any risks your grill may hold, and for proper maintenance procedures.
  3. Clean the grill thoroughly, including external and internal parts. Any dirt or rust buildup should be cleaned off with a scouring pad or abrasive grill-cleaning device. Cleaning the grill will also make your food taste better, and avoid unsightly and unsanitary grease buildup.
  4. Inspect the charcoal receptacle, fuel lines, burners and any electronic components and make sure they are still working efficiently. Inspect your propane bottle for damage and proper filling procedure to avoid an explosion or leak.
  5. Be aware of your grilling station. Make sure it is outside to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Also sweep away any brush or other flammable materials to avoid having more fires than you can control!
  6. Keep your grill on a balanced, even surface to avoid tipping. A grill pad, made of durable plastic or cement, can protect your deck or other surfaces from hot grease and other grill residues.
  7. Wear a durable apron, tie back any long hair, keep sleeves rolled up or out of the way, and don't wear really baggy pants. These are all fire hazards and can be easily avoided
  8. When entertaining guests at a party make sure the grill is supervised at all times, especially when the cooking is done. A grill holds heat for a long period of time, and can still burn and set fire if tipped over or touched.
  9. Keep all children away from the grill. Teach at an early age not to touch the grill, and make sure they understand that only adults should operate the grill. Grill contact is one of the most common ways children under 5 are burned.

We hope you follow these rules for a safe and happy grilling season. If you don't yet have home insurance and are in the Arkansas area, contact Tberry's Insurance and make sure your family and home will be safe and secure for Summer. Enjoy the sun and wear lots of sunscreen! Call (479)-968-2633 today! Tberry's Insurance is a full-line Arkansas Insurance Provider. We cover home, auto and business insurances. Visit our site to see all the insurance we provide.

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